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A gender pronoun highlighter. Making you aware of which gender pronouns you are using in your text.
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Gender Pronoun Highlighter


The purpose of this project is to highlight in the texts we create and the texts we read the gender biases inherent within them. How often do we assume the default person is a he or a she? The project takes any text inputted into the text area and auto highlights every gendered pronoun with a stereotypical "gendered color". (Note: I do not believe there are such things as "gendered colors," but nonetheless, defaulting to pink for female pronouns and blue for male pronouns makes it visually easy for the user to see right away which ones they are using.)

A working example of this project can be found on online.


To get started with a local development build of this project simply clone it to your computer, install and run:

git clone
npm install
npm run dev


To run tests:

npm test


I welcome contributions to the project! Please consider the following two ways to contribute:

  1. Please review the Issues tab to see if there are any open issues you would like to work on.
  2. Please suggest new features that might enhance the project. You are welcome to either start a conversation first on it, or build it out and submit a pull request.

Please review the Code of Conduct before making a contribution. It is imperative that this is a space where all feel welcome and valued.


ISC © Ben Greenberg

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