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Add arch list to 'core software' (no jnettop).

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1 parent 68406f0 commit 0e3f2f6dd3ac6b277b66e4b6bf66323e6c5ea7b9 @benhoskings committed Feb 3, 2013
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2 top level.rb
@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@
requires {
# tmux isn't available on lenny.
on :lenny, 'sudo.bin', 'lsof.bin', 'vim.bin', 'curl.bin', 'traceroute.bin', 'htop.bin', 'iotop.bin', 'jnettop.bin', 'nmap.bin', 'tree.bin', 'pv.bin'
+ # jnettop isn't available on arch.
+ on :arch, 'sudo.bin', 'lsof.bin', 'vim.bin', 'curl.bin', 'traceroute.bin', 'htop.bin', 'iotop.bin', 'tmux.bin', 'nmap.bin', 'tree.bin', 'pv.bin'
on :linux, 'sudo.bin', 'lsof.bin', 'vim.bin', 'curl.bin', 'traceroute.bin', 'htop.bin', 'iotop.bin', 'jnettop.bin', 'tmux.bin', 'nmap.bin', 'tree.bin', 'pv.bin'
on :osx, 'sudo.bin', 'lsof.bin', 'vim.bin', 'curl.bin', 'traceroute.bin', 'tmux.bin', 'nmap.bin', 'tree.bin', 'pv.bin'

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