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RVM Systemwide install fails #3

dkam opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hi Ben,
Just learning Babushka - I think the URL you're using for system wide installs is incorrect. The correct command (run as root) is :

bash < <(curl -s

Attempting to run

$ babushka benhoskings:rvm

and selecting system wide install fails with the following in the error log (couldn't get the markdown to display nicely):

benhoskings:rvm {
(defining rvm against Babushka::Dep::BaseTemplate)
setup not defined.
$ echo $SHELL
$ bash -l -c "which rvm"
stdin: is not a tty
prepare not defined.
meet {
before not defined.
Install rvm system-wide [y] Installing rvm using rvm-install-system-wide... $ bash < <( curl -L )
sh: Syntax error: redirection unexpected
$ echo $SHELL
$ bash -l -c "which rvm"
stdin: is not a tty
} ✗ benhoskings:rvm
in dir /root/.babushka (/root/.babushka) {
Saving /root/.babushka/sticky_vars
in dir /root/.babushka/vars (/root/.babushka/vars) {
Saving /root/.babushka/vars/benhoskings:rvm


Going through some old issues—closing this as I don't have any rvm deps anymore.

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