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dep 'curl.bin'
dep 'gettext.lib'
dep 'nodejs.bin' do
installs {
# The 'nodejs-legacy' package symlinks the renamed 'nodejs' binary back
# into place as 'node'.
on :trusty, 'nodejs', 'nodejs-dev', 'nodejs-legacy'
via :apt, 'nodejs', 'nodejs-dev'
via :zypper, 'nodejs', 'nodejs-devel'
via :brew, 'node'
via :freebsd, 'node'
otherwise 'nodejs'
provides 'node >= 0.6.12'
after {
# Trigger the creation of npm's global package dir, which it can't run
# without. (Only newer nodes bundle npm, though.)
shell!('npm --version') if which('npm')
dep 'sudo.bin'