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base fork: benhoskings/babushka
head fork: benhoskings/babushka
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Commits on Jan 28, 2013
@benhoskings Remove vars from the babushka DSL. (deprecated on 2012-06-12). e113dda
@benhoskings Don't load or save vars anymore. b7dc73a
@benhoskings Clean up ~/.babushka/vars when babushka is run (to revert after aroun…
…d 2012-08).
@benhoskings Remove the logic from Babushka::Vars, converting it to a module for t…
…he #removed! calls.
@benhoskings There's no such thing as a dynamic value when prompting anymore. 87ef30b
@benhoskings Remove vars from bug reports. 77cab3e
@benhoskings Remove the var load and save logic from Babushka::Task. 67a8eea
@benhoskings Rename vars to args as appropriate. cfb2fd2
@benhoskings Prompt has never responded to :var -- this is a refactoring relic. 0cd2d9f
@benhoskings Reword some --help descriptions. 02b367d
@benhoskings No need to include source_support in task_spec. eabf6c9
@benhoskings Remove Hash#reject_r[!]. 024d4ac
@benhoskings Add some parens in Babushka::Task. 3e6fe02
Commits on Feb 04, 2013
@benhoskings Fix incorrect chooser in 'pip' (introduced in 61fc422). e209f2a
@benhoskings Merge branch 'fix-PipHelper' for the 'on'/'via' fix. 3697350
Commits on Feb 13, 2013
@richo richo Explicitly depend pip on python.bin
Otherwise, trying to install pip binaries explodes with a confusing
python-config error, as pip doesn't directly depend on python-dev on
@benhoskings Merge pull request #252 from richo/features/pip_python
Explicitly depend pip on python.bin
@benhoskings Pull in python from 'pip.bin', not from the top-level 'pip' dep, whic…
…h just switches based on system.
@benhoskings Bundle update. 3453c92
Commits on Feb 23, 2013
@benhoskings v0.15.8 - Improved python/pip handling, 'src' template and 'build too…
…ls' updates.

* Improved python/pip sudo handling -- thanks to @tamird
* Updated python/pip deps to install headers on all platforms
* More consistent 'build tools' behaviour with simplified deps
* Avoid unncessecary 'build tools' installs from 'src' deps
@benhoskings Merge branch 'remove-vars'. Onwards and upwards! b3d5e87
@benhoskings Merge branch 'cleanup' -- some things I found while removing vars. 9b7db31
@benhoskings Remove the deprecated :branch 'babushka babushka' param.
Better to just remove this one instead of using #removed!,
as that would make it explode, which isn't normal behaviour
for an unexpected dep argument.
@benhoskings Remove deprecated .managed, .src, and 'sudo' deps. ef40028
@benhoskings Merge branch 'deprecations' 3c6b260
@benhoskings v0.16.0 - No more vars! Inching towards v1.0. b71de11
Commits on Feb 27, 2013
@benhoskings Require stringio explicitly for its use in Babushka::Shell. e8ee123
@benhoskings v0.16.1 - The StringIO fix, for 1.8. Thanks to Richo Healey for this. 4599820
@benhoskings Secure gem source (only relevant for running specs). 84578cb
@benhoskings Brackets. 7b1caa5
@benhoskings Correct the Dep.find_or_suggest comment. a099b96
@benhoskings Quoties. 957dad6
@benhoskings Remove unnecessary logging on dep not found on `babushka edit`. 56dc2ba
@benhoskings Move Dep.find_or_suggest to SourcePool#find_or_suggest. 2586ca5
@benhoskings Modernise and fix the SourcePool#find_or_suggest specs. 4d49455
@benhoskings Take advantage of #find_or_suggest's block form in the 'edit' handler. 5b2479f
Commits on Mar 01, 2013
@benhoskings Unremove #append_to_file after b8ad6d1, which is required by 'admins …
…can sudo', until it's sorted out.
Commits on Mar 02, 2013
@benhoskings Add a cosmetic message for when the install ref is already resolved. 2288a75
Commits on Mar 25, 2013
@benhoskings Fix the template name in the message logged when that name is ambiguous. ebe4f69
Commits on Mar 26, 2013
@richo richo Xcode tools not being available should not proceed 3045864
@benhoskings Merge pull request #261 from 99designs/for_ben/xcode_tools
Xcode tools not being available should not proceed
@benhoskings Don't define @@tmp_prefix at the top level when running specs, silenc…
…ing a ruby-2.0 warning.
@benhoskings Fail fast on non-directory entries in ~/.babushka/sources -- it's les…
…s surprising that way.
@benhoskings v0.16.2 - Fix 'xcode tools' met? test (thanks @rich0H), stricter ~/.b…
…abushka/sources handling, some logging cleanups.
Commits on Mar 27, 2013
@benhoskings Flip a conditional in Cmdline::Parser.for to keep paired logic together. 3e209e4
@benhoskings Remove Base.task.opts in favour of Base.cmdline.opts. f63c508
@benhoskings Brackets. 10bb3e5
@benhoskings Pass the current cmdline parser directly to Task#process, instead of …
…accessing the default one.
@benhoskings Pass the :dry_run value to Dep#process instead of store-and-call. 0826724
@benhoskings Merge branch 'find-or-suggest' - move Dep.find_or_suggest to SourcePo…
@benhoskings Merge branch 'cmdline' - pass cmdline opts around directly instead of…
… store-and-call.

@benhoskings Use long options in PacmanHelper. 7a8a86d
@benhoskings Fix the log message when syncing (installing) packages via pacman. 8993706
@benhoskings Use #pkg_cmd in PacmanHelper#has_pkg?. c67b376
@benhoskings Use --noprogressbar when syncing packages via pacman. 548efa5
@benhoskings Use the pacman exit code in PacmanHelper#has_pkg?. 3e29429
@benhoskings Add pacman packages to 'linux build tools'. 519a3f2
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