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= Introduction =
Twetter is an implementation of the API, designed for use in situations where internet access is not available but a large number of people have twitter clients and want to tell each other what they are doing, for example a RailsCamp, where it was first developed.

The current goal is to have it work with as many third party twitter clients as possible.  It has currently been tested with Twitterific, TwitterFox, and Spaz on OSX.  

= Local Installation =
Edit /etc/hosts to add
lighttpd -f config/lighttpd.conf

= Currently Supported =
- Status Messages
- Replies
- Direct Messages
- Profile Images
- Following / Followers (hard coded to everyone)

= TODO =
- Hash password when user first accesses system and verify password is same for subsequent requests to prevent spoofing
- Favorites
- Test with more clients (especially on linux) and fix any issues. 
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