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cdnupload works fine right now (I used it on a couple of my sites).
But here are some things I'd like to add eventually.
* tests: more unicode filename tests: src, dest, s3?
* tests: real S3 tests against a test bucket
* tests: main() tests
* remove include/exclude dirs in walk_files() more efficiently if they match?
* should we ignore permissions errors on files if --ignore-walk-errors is specified?
* support for parallel s3 uploads (multiprocessing.dummy thread pool?)
if num_threads > 1:
thread_pool = multiprocessing.dummy.Pool(num_threads)
if num_threads > 1:
thread_pool.apply_async(destination.upload, (key, source, rel_path))
destination.upload(key, source, rel_path)
if num_threads > 1:'waiting for parallel uploads to finish')
thread_pool.join() # or whatever