Realtime 3D rendering and immersion with Tangible Landscape
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Real-time 3D modeling and immersion with Tangible Landscape

For installation and usage use Wiki


We have paired GRASS GIS with Blender to allow real-time 3D rendering and immersion with Tangible Landscape -- a tangible interface for geographic information systems (GIS) that couples physical and digital models of a landscape so that users can intuitively explore, model, and analyze geospatial data in a collaborative environment. As users manipulate a tangible model with topography and objects, geospatial analyses and simulations are projected onto the tangible model and perspective views are realistically rendered on monitors and head-mounted displays (HMDs) in near real-time. Users can visualize in near real-time the changes they are making with either bird’s-eye views or perspective views from human vantage points.

Modeling surfaces such as terrain and water features

Modeling particles such as plants

Modeling linear features such as trails

Controling scene cameras