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=google4r-checkout Changelog
== 1.1.2 (2012-05-31)
* Added support for donation processing, contributed by Paul Schreiber
== 1.1.1 (2011-12-16)
* Bug fix for subscriptions not being processed, contributed by Larry Salibra
* Automated testing with Travis
* Officially support JRuby
== 1.1.0 (2011-06-29)
* Support for newer refund-notification XML format, contributed by Chris Parrish
* Update README to remove outdated Rails gem locking technique and add more examples
* Modernize gem build
== 1.1.beta5 (2010-09-21)
* Support for chargeback fees and chargeback gateway refund fees, contributed by George Palmer
* Test::Unit fixes for Ruby 1.9.2
== 1.1.beta4 (2010-07-09)
* All changes in this release contributed by George Palmer (thanks very much George!)
* Make the tax field optional as can be set at Google Account level
* Add a new command ChargeAndShipOrder (v2.5 of the API although we ended up going with 2.4 but it was fully tested and worked)
* Ability to get the refund amount available in RefundAmountNotification
* Ability to get gateway fee information
== 1.1.beta3 (2010-06-28)
* Add required test files to the gem build
== 1.1.beta2 (2010-06-23)
* Make gem compatible with Money 3.x (thanks George Palmer!)
* Use Bundler for running test suite
== 1.1.beta1 (2010-04-21)
* Full Ruby 1.9.x compatibility
* Major overhaul of automated test suite
* Support for merchant-calculated and allow-us-po-box tags
* Update to Money library version 2.3 (beware - this may break things if you expect the currency to be a string)
* Verify that we are actually talking to Google's servers when sending checkout commands
* Generated XML will no longer include extra whitespace, to help comply with Google's XML schema
* Use BigDecimal instead of Float for all calculations due to weird rounding errors in Ruby's standard library
* Fixed deprecation warnings
== (2010-04-20)
* Fixed issue #14 - will not load on Ruby 1.9.x
* Added homepage URL to gem specification
== 1.0.6 (2010-04-01)
* Added beta Subscriptions API support.
* Fixed email-delivery XML generation bug.
== 1.0.5 (2008-9-17)
* Added Order Report API support. Thanks to Daniel Pirone!
* Added unit tests for OrderReportCommand. Added validation checks fro start_date, end_date, financial_state and fulfillment_state.
== 1.0.4 (2008-09-02)
* Fixed undefined email_delivery? method bug
* Added unit test to cover digital content creation
== 1.0.3 (2008-08-08)
* Added analytics_data support. Thanks to Will Schwenk!
* Added create_address_filters_allowed_area and create_address_filters_excluded_area method to the MerchantCalculatedShipping class.
* Created two aliases create_shipping_restrictions_allowed_area and create_shipping_restrictions_excluded_area to facilitate deprecation of create_allowed_area and create_excluded_area.
* country_code in PostalArea class is now optional in the initialize method so it can be called properly in the create_area method in shared.rb.
* Added line-item shipping support.
* Refactor notifications to extract a base notification class that has the front_end, serial_number, google_order_number and timestamp.
* Added notification handshake support (i.e. serial-number) for notifciation-acknowledgement.
* Added digital delivery support. Thanks to Andy Kim and Matthew Moore!
* Added Carrier Calculated Shipping support.
* Added unit tests - carrier_calculated_shipping_test.rb, digital_content_test.rb, *_items_*commands.rb
* Updated unit tests - item_test.rb, merchant_calculated_shipping_test.rb, notification_acknowledgement_test.rb
* Updated integration test - checkout_command_test.rb
* Added HTML Form API Signature support. It is included in utils.rb.
== 1.0.2 (2007-08-18)
* Moved Address from notifications.rb to shared.rb
* Added AnonymousAddress class, now Address is extended from it
* Added merchant calcuations callback and result support
* Added unit tests for merchant calculation callback and result
* Added merchant calculations tag support in Shopping Cart XML
* Updated checkout_command_test.rb and checkout_command_xml_generator_test.rb after for testing merchant calculations tag support
== 1.0.1 (2007-08-16)
* Fixed text.to_s.gsub(/[^0-9]/, '') to (...text.to_f*100).to_i so dollar amount is now handled correctly
== 1.0.0 (2007-08-04)
* Added refund-amount-notification
* Added chargeback-amount-notification
* Added authorization-amount-notification
* Added refund command
* Added authorize command
* Added add-merchant-number command
* Added add-tracking-data command
* Added send-buyer-message command
* Added archive-order command
* Added unarchive-order command
* Refactored to_xml in the Command class
* Added CommandXmlGenerator base class
* Added ChargeOrderCommand, DeliverOrderCommand, CancelOrderCommand, ChargeAmountNotification and RiskInfoNotification (all contributed by Dan Dukeson).
* Attributes are not retrieved via XPaths with "tag/@attribute" any more but with REXML's Element#attributes. This should fix problems with Ruby 1.8.6.
== 0.1.0 (2007-05-12)
* Added property "shipping_taxed" to TaxRule (contributed by Dan Dukeson).
* Added XML generation for the tax tables in the shopping cart (contributed by Dan Dukeson).
* Added Area subclasses WorldArea and PostalArea (contributed by Dan Dukeson).
* Changed time zones in tests to UTC.
* Added Test::Unit::TestCase#assert_strings_equal to test_helper.rb.
* Added "rake test" (alias of "rake test:all")
* Added GoogleCheckoutError#to_s to return verbose representation.
* Split google4r into google4r-checkout and google4r-maps.
* MerchantCode#create_from_element raises an ArgumentError instead of a RuntimeError on invalid elements now.
* Changed the #create_from_element code to set the properties directly into the objects instead of building Hashes to collect the values first.
* "Resolved" the problem of converting currency amounts which are fractional numbers into the amount of the minor currency to be passed into the Money class: Instead of converting the fractional number into a float and multiplying by 100, all nonnumeric characters are stripped from the string, the resulting number is converted into an integer and this integer is then passed to
* Added example to NotificationHandler of how to use the class.
* Added link to simple_http_auth plugin in NotificationHandler which allows for easy HTTP Auth Basic protection of Rails controllers.
* Renamed CheckoutCommand#cart to CheckoutCommand#shopping_cart
* CheckoutCommand raises ArgumentError instead of RuntimeError on invalid clazz parameter.
* Added "Howto freeze google4r in a Rails project" to README
* Google4R::Checkout::Command#to_xml raises an NotImplementedError instead of a RuntimeError now.
* Geocoder returns nil on 603 (G_UNAVAILABLE_ADDRESS) results now.
* Added support for registering GUnload() to be called on window's unload event.
* The generated Javascript that creates the GMap2() instance (and thus modifies the map div) has been put into a function <var name>_loader that is called in an onload handler. This should remove a problem with MSIE.
* Using Syck as the YAML parser now. However, a workaround is needed because of
* Only require the json gem if objects have no "to_json" method already added to them. This solves a problem with converting arbitrary objects to json because the json gem seemingly only converts simple types.
* Added GMarker#info_window_html.
* Added support for onclick handlers in markers.
* Added support for the value :auto of GMap2#zoom and GMap2#center.
* Fixed buggy generation of GMarker Javascript.
* Adding website folder to contain a webgen based website.
* Fixed a problem with generating XML from Hashes in the "private" data of shopping carts and items.
* The parse for the <order-adjustment> tag does not expect to see a <shipping> tag in every case any more.
* Extending Google4R::Maps by the classes GMap2, GIcon and GMarker to allow for easy Google Maps HTML generation.
== 0.0.1 (2007-02-17)
* initial release, be prepared for some API changes that move the API closer to the XML API