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Rails deployment and configuration management done right. ShadowPuppet + Capistrano == crazy delicious

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Moonshine is Rails deployment and configuration management done right.

By leveraging capistrano and puppet, moonshine allows you have a working application server in 15 minutes, and be able to sanely manage it's configuration from the comfort of your version control of choice.


  • A server running Ubuntu 8.10 (Want to see your favorite platform supported? Fork Moonshine on GitHub!)

  • A user on this server that can:

    • Execute commands via sudo

    • Access your application's source code repository

Running Tests

It's easy enough:

rake test

Ginger is used to test against multiple versions of rails:

ginger test

Getting Help

You can find more examples in the documentation and on the Wiki.

For help or general discussion, visit the Moonshine newsgroup.

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