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Reaper script that helps you create ear training chords to practice ear training anywhere.

This script lets you create random chords within a range (From Note to To Note specified in Midi note numbers), with a specified number of notes (from 1 to 10.. yeah I know 1 note does not make a chord but still).

The structure of the created item is:

  • Chord (with a length of Chord Time) as many times as specified in Repeats.
  • Melodic resolution (notes of the chord played from lowest to highest) with a length of Melodic Time.
  • Final repetition of the Chord lasting for Chord Time.
  • If so wanted, between each chord or note, a rest time may be specified equal to Silence Between.

All times are specified in tenths of a second.

It will let you choose the number of times the chord is repeated, and for how long will it sound.


It depends on Lokasenna's GUI. It is part of the ReaTeam script's and templates offering which I highly recommend. My most sincere thanks to him and all the team for sharing and helping so much with the learning process.

At any rate I have added the code in this repository to avoid having distinct versions causing problems and for the ease of use. I may want to embed the code to avoid making subfolders but that will probably be for the future.

What it does

The script will create items in the track selected, label them and then move the cursor some time after the item, so that you can click the GO button several times and leave some space in between.

The labelling of the items follows this logic:

  • XnYo_A_B_C...

Where X is the number of notes in the chord, Y is the number of Octaves in the range of allowed notes, and A, B, C... are the notes from lowest to highest.

It has been taken as default to label all the Sharps and Flats as Sharps, as a convention. Might change this in the future if I add exercises within a key.


  • To be sure no same items are generated, you could save generated items into a table (or into a file) and when GO is clicked, you could index the table and see if the item about to be generated exists already. If yes, then make a new randomseed and check again until a non-existent item is generate.


  • 2017-10-10 Fixed bug on random so that time is more precise (allowing to click fast without duplicate random values) math.randomseed(reaper.time_precise()) Thanks to amagalma from for pointing the solution out.
  • 2017-10-09 Fixed bug on non-selected track.