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Silexor is a set of generators for the Silex microframework.
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What is it?

Silexor is a set of commands that accelerate your Silex app generation.

It is based on the awesome Symfony components:

  • Console
  • Filesystem

And uses Twig to generate base files.

Silexor is inspired by the SensioGeneratorBundle for the Symfony framework.

Find more information about Silex at


Download the php archive from here :


Generate a Silex project

$ php silexor.phar project:generate MyProject --path='/path/to/your/project'

This command will generate your Silex app under the MyProject folder in /path/to/your/project.

The structure of the generated project looks like this:

  • src
  • tests
  • vendor
  • web

The project:generate command also generates every files you need to run a simple Silex app (pleonasm):

  • src/app.php: this is the first controller of your application
  • web/index.php: web bootstrapper
  • vendor/silex.phar: PHP archive including Silex (directly downloaded from the Silex website)
  • tests/boostrap.php: the unit test bootstrap
  • tests/ControllerTest.php: the functional test of the first controller contained in app.php
  • phpunit.xml.dist: PHPUnit configuration file

Once the project is generated, you can run the tests:

$ phpunit tests

PHPUnit results


  • Providing options to add services in the generation of the app.php file (doctrine, twig, ...) -> see feature/providerinstaller for a workaround with composer
  • Service provider generator
  • Controller provider generator
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