An odd clock, which shows the time in combinations
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An odd clock, which shows the time in combinations

Reading the clock is a bit tricky but is possible.

  • Top two rows are minutes
  • Middle row is hours
  • Bottom two rows are seconds

There are 24 combinations of 4 elements and 120 combinations of 5 elements, so the clock goes twice as fast inorder to get through every combination

Lets say the middle row shows [Yellow,Blue,Red,Orange]

  • Take Reds position 2 (We use base 0) multiply it by 6 (which comes from (4-1)!)
  • Take Oranges position 2 (Ignore Red because we have already counted it) multiply it by 2
  • Take Yellows position 0 and multiply it by 1
  • Ignore Blues position
  • Add those numbers together 2*6 + 2*2 + 0*1 = 16
  • That is still in base-0 so add one to it 16 + 1 = 17
  • Remeber our clock is going twice as fast so divide that number by 2 '17/2 = 8.5 = 8:30`

Similar steps can be taken so find the minutes and so forth,

And you thought figuring out the time on an analog clock was hard!