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With this project I aim to present a view of how well I, as a person, am operating. I was inspired to do this after seeing how beautifully Google Apps Dashboard presents a view of how their systems have been operating. The things I find impressive about it, and aim to steal, are:

  • It doesn't just show how things are today. because most of the time I know how things are today.
  • It doesn't go too far into the past, at least in its initial view. I dwell on the past enough as it is.
  • It isn't overly free-form. I think Google's structured approach is better, at least for internal use, than simply posting notes to a blog.
  • It shows a lot of fields in a small amount of space.

The main difference is that instead of automatically collecting data, data will need to be entered in by a human. As I learned in the first chapter of Beautiful Data, this can be challenging. My initial strategy will be to remind me to use it, but only if I don't use it on my own.


Getting Started (DRAFT)

  • Have a working Ruby setup with Bundler
  • Be logged into your Cloudant account
  • Sign up for a Heroku account and install the Heroku gem
  • Clone this repo
  • run heroku create <<appname>>
  • Set up a CouchDB database
    • Create a database
    • Create an API key
    • Give that API key read, write, delete permissions on the database
  • run heroku config COUCH\_URL <<database url>> (CLOUDANT_URL also works, as a fallback, if you decide to use Cloudant's Heroku add-on)

Running locally and deploying to other services is left as an exercise for the reader.


  • Deploy to Heroku
  • Force SSL in production
  • Set up database (Cloudant)
  • Add javascript libraries (jQuery, backbone.js, icanhazjs)
  • Get fake data in database
  • Implement viewing
  • Implement editing
  • Implement notifications