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using System.Collections.Immutable;
using Pidgin;
using static Pidgin.Parser;
using static Pidgin.Parser<char>;
namespace Amateurlog
static class PrologParser
private static Parser<char, T> Tok<T>(Parser<char, T> parser)
=> parser.Before(SkipWhitespaces);
private static Parser<char, char> Tok(char value)
=> Tok(Char(value));
private static Parser<char, string> Tok(string value)
=> Tok(String(value));
private static Parser<char, char> _comma = Tok(',');
private static Parser<char, char> _openParen = Tok('(');
private static Parser<char, char> _closeParen = Tok(')');
private static Parser<char, char> _dot = Tok('.');
private static Parser<char, string> _colonDash = Tok(":-");
private static Parser<char, ImmutableArray<T>> CommaSeparated<T>(Parser<char, T> p)
=> p.Separated(_comma).Select(x => x.ToImmutableArray());
private static Parser<char, ImmutableArray<T>> CommaSeparatedAtLeastOnce<T>(Parser<char, T> p)
=> p.SeparatedAtLeastOnce(_comma).Select(x => x.ToImmutableArray());
private static Parser<char, string> Name(Parser<char, char> firstLetter)
=> Tok(
from first in firstLetter
from rest in OneOf(Letter, Digit, Char('_')).ManyString()
select first + rest
private static readonly Parser<char, Term> _term = Rec(() =>
OneOf(_variable, _predicate.Cast<Term>(), _atom)
private static readonly Parser<char, Term> _atom
= Name(Lowercase)
.Select(name => (Term)new Atom(name))
private static readonly Parser<char, Term> _variable
= Name(Uppercase.Or(Char('_')))
.Select(name => (Term)new Variable(name))
private static readonly Parser<char, Predicate> _predicate = (
from name in Try(Name(Lowercase).Before(_openParen))
from args in CommaSeparated(_term).Before(_closeParen)
select new Predicate(name, args)
private static readonly Parser<char, Rule> _rule
= Map(
(head, body) => new Rule(head, body),
private static readonly Parser<char, ImmutableArray<Rule>> _program =
from _ in SkipWhitespaces
from rules in _rule.Many()
select rules.ToImmutableArray();
private static readonly Parser<char, Predicate> _query = SkipWhitespaces.Then(_predicate);
private static T Parse<T>(Parser<char, T> p, string input) => p.ParseOrThrow(input);
public static ImmutableArray<Rule> ParseProgram(string input) => _program.ParseOrThrow(input);
public static Term ParseQuery(string input) => Parse(_predicate, input);
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