Sublime Text package for working with SilverStripe templates

#Sublime Text SilverStripe Package

SS versions 3.x and 2.4.x are supported. Works with Sublime Text v2/3.


Screenshot of Sublime Text Silverstripe in action!

  • Syntax highlighting for .ss files
  • Highlights SS markup within HTML attributes
  • High contrast colors against surrounding HTML markup
  • Support for Emmet
  • Snippets for template files and PHP code


With Package Control (recommended):

  1. Run "Package Control: Install Package" command, find and install SilverStripe plugin.
  2. Restart Sublime Text


Press tab after typing any of the following to generate markup:

Template files

  • if
  • ifelse
  • ifelseif
  • control
  • loop
  • with
  • include
  • ifloop
  • ifwith
  • pagination

PHP code

  • gridfieldrecordeditor
  • gridfieldrelationeditor


MUCH inspiration came from nrw's Handlebars ST2 package.