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Starting and Stopping a cluster

This exercise will show how to start and stop the database manually from the command line and using a simple script.

Compiling a Catalog file

Unlike most relational databases, you do not start VoltDB without a schema. This is because VoltDB uses a pre-compiled schema which is in the form of a .jar file called a catalog, and it runs only one catalog (or application) per instance. To learn more about building a schema into a catalog, we recommend reading and doing the exercises in Welcome to VoltDB, A Tutorial.

In these exercises we will be using the voter example application. This is provided with VoltDB, but the catalog needs to be compiled. To do that, we can use the following commands, which leverage the script provided with the voter example.

cd ~/voltdb/examples/voter
./ catalog

To compile the catalog manually, you would use the following commands to first compile the stored procedure java classes, and then compile the schema DDL with the classes to create the catalog.

cd ~/voltdb/examples/voter
mkdir -p obj
javac -classpath $HOME/voltdb/voltdb/voltdb-*.jar -d obj src/voter/procedures/*.java
voltdb compile --classpath obj -o voter.jar ddl.sql

You should see "Successfully created voter.jar" followed by information about the stored procedures and their SQL statements.

Starting the database

Start the database (the voter demo) manually.

cd ~/voltdb/examples/voter
voltdb create catalog voter.jar deployment deployment.xml \
    license ../../voltdb/license.xml host localhost

You should see the VoltDB ascii art logo followed by version and other information, and ending with the message "Server completed initialization" which indicates that the database has started successfully.

Use ctrl-C to stop the database. Now let's build a script to make this easier.

Making a script

#!/usr/bin/env bash
voltdb create catalog $APP_HOME/voter.jar deployment $APP_HOME/deployment.xml \
    license $VOLTDB_HOME/voltdb/license.xml host localhost

Start the database again, using the script to test it. You should see the same results.

Use ctrl-C to stop the database. Now let's modify the script so that it runs VoltDB as a background process.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
nohup voltdb create catalog $APP_HOME/voter.jar deployment $APP_HOME/deployment.xml \
    license $VOLTDB_HOME/voltdb/license.xml host localhost > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Stopping the Database

Up until now we have been running the database on the console and stopping it by using Ctrl-C to kill the current process. This may be a good way to run VoltDB during development or testing. The last change we made to the script used nohup to run the database process in the background. To stop the database, we use the voltadmin command line tool.

voltadmin shutdown

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