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# ButtonGroup Build Properties
# As long as the 'builder' project is cloned to the default folder
# next to the 'yui3-gallery' project folder, the 'builddir' property does not
# need to be changed
# If the 'builder' project is checked out to an alternate location, this
# property should be updated to point to the checkout location.
# The name of the component. E.g. event, attribute, widget
# The list of files which should be concatenated to create the component
# NOTE: For a css component. (e.g. cssfonts, cssgrids etc.) use component.cssfiles instead.
# component.jsfiles=md-button-group.js, md-button-groupHelperClass.js, md-button-groupSubComponentClass.js
# The list of modules this component. requires. Used to set up the Y.add module call for YUI 3.
component.requires=base-base, widget-parent, widget-child, gallery-makenode, gallery-md-button
# The list of modules this component. supersedes. Used to set up the Y.add module call for YUI 3.
# The list of modules that are optional for this module. Used to set up the Y.add module call for YUI 3.
# If your module has a skin file, set this flag to "true"
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