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PiroPiro - Browser automation with a real user interaction API

PiroPiro is a .Net automated testing framework inspired in Capybara.

PiroPiro Logo

PiroPiro helps you test web applications by simulating how a real user would interact with your app. It is agnostic about the driver running your tests and comes with SpecFlow and Selenium support built in. A Zombie.JS (Node.JS headless "insanely fast" browser) driver is in progress.

(Description partially stolen from capybara project)


NuGet Packages will be published soon.

In the meantime you can install by referencing the compiled assemblies, and structuring your feature spec project based on PiroPiro.TestSite.Spec project.

Code sample

        [When(@"login as ""(.*)""" with password ""(.*)""")]
        public void WhenLoginAsWithPassword(string usernameOrEmail, string password)
            Page.WithinFieldSet("Log in", fs => {
               // find fields using label element caption, input name or Sizzle css selectors
               fs.Field("Username or email").FillWith(usernameOrEmail);
               fs.Field("Remember me").Check();
            Page.Button("Log in").Click();
            // explicit wait
            Page.Wait(Page.ElementWithText("Welcome"), seconds: 2);

        [Then(@"user logged in successfully with role ""(.*)""")]
        public void UserIsLoggedInWithRole(string role)
            // query using Sizzle (the jQuery selector engine, css syntax + extensions)
            // find an image by its tooltip
            Page.Image("user picture");

Project Structure


Main project, it provides the base abstract classes for browser automation (BrowserFactory, Browser, Element, etc.)


A collection of simple strategies to restore databases between test runs. At the moment of this writing there are:

  • SqlRestore: performs a SQL RESTORE
  • SqlAttach: detachs a db, overwrites if .mdf file and attachs again You can specify which to run (or none) using configuration


Provides integration with TechTalk SpecFlow, allowing you to use the PiroPiro browser automation API from your SpecFlow step definitions. In order to use it you have 2 options:

  • Derive your step definitions class from PiroPiro.SpecFlow.Web.StepDefinitions (giving you .Browser and .Page properties)
  • Add PiroPiro.SpecFlow.Web.IStepDefinitions to you step definitions class (giving you methods this.Browser() and this.Page())


Selenium Driver, it uses Selenium WebDriver allowing you to run tests on real browsers locally or on remote machines.


A driver for Zombie.JS. This is a very early stage, not usable right now.


This is an example site built only to serve as a test target for PiroPiro feature testing.


This is a feature spec project using PiroPiro, it tests PiroPiro features against the test site. To use it see "Running the Unit Tests" below.

This project also is a good example of how to build your feature spec project, check the readme files on its folder structure.

System Requirements

To Run Tests:

  • NUnit GUI or console exe
  • Asp.Net Mvc 3
  • .Net Framework 4

To Write Tests:

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • TechTalk SpecFlow extension (provides editor & compiling support for .feature files)

Running the Unit Tests

A test site and a feature spec project are included. No database is required. Feature tests are generated for NUnit.

In order to run tests you need:

  • Set up PiroPiro.TestSite on your local IIS (eg. http://localhost/PiroPiro.TestSite)
  • Compile the Solution
  • check app.config in PiroPiro.TestSite.Spec, in appSettings you'll find:
  • Site: the base url for test site as you configured it in previous step
  • PiroPiro.BrowserFactory: the underlying web driver, by default Selenium WebDriver is used
  • PiroPiro.Selenium.Driver: if using Selenium, here you can choose the specific browser to instantiate, by default 'firefox'
  • Right-click on PiroPiro.TestSite.Spec project and click on "Run Unit Tests" (you can use NUnit GUI or NUnit console if you prefer)

Why PiroPiro

Piro-piro is just another name for capybara. (

The first version of this library has been written as part of my work at Tercer Planeta. When I left my job there we decided to open source this for anyone to freely read, use, fork, and contribute back.


MIT License