Audio synthesis using an FPGA
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The goal of this project is to replicate the functionality of the MOS Technology SID 6581 sound chip by combining a small FPGA development board for the digital functions and hand crafted analog circuits for the analog aspects.

The FPGA platform we've chosen is the Mojo v3 from Embedded Micro. It features a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA, onboard microproccesor and ADCs, and 84 broken out digital IO pins. It's very easy to get started programming the Mojo, highly recommended!

First version of fpga-tunes

This first version enables very basic audio synthesis on the Mojo v3 FPGA dev board. Features include:

  • generation of square waves (variable duty cycle and period)
  • additive synthesis of four waveforms based on button input
  • variable frequency of last waveform based on trimpot input
  • 8-bit digital output at up to 50 Mhz

This repository is suitable for opening in Xilinx ISE Design Suite. It was written using ISE-DS v14.7 (with free WebPack license).

A complete schematic for the interactive synthesizer, including a simple input pad, an 8-bit DAC, and low-pass filter, is coming soon.