Some Perl modules and scripts to export EDI 850s from your Magento backend and import EDI 846 files into your inventory.
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This project comprises two Perl scripts you can use to export EDI 850 files from your Magento install, which can be used to interact with warehouses and older accounting software. You can also import EDI 846 inventory files.

Step 1.

Install, it's a collection of utilities designed for e-commerce sites.

cd Business-Logic-0.01/
make test
make install

Step 2.

You can now run from the commandline, with the following options:

--host=[your database host, often localhost]
--sender=[the EDI sender, often the digits of a phone number]
--recipient=[the EDI recipient]
--destination=[the folder to place the EDI files in for pickup]

e.g. (with PASSWORD as env variable)

./ --host=localhost --username sdfdsf --password $PASSWORD --sender=123456891 --recipient=1234567891 --destination=/home/warehouse/edi850s/

Or, run as a cron job.