I'm making a photography portfolio website for my friend. Rails back-end, JS front-end.
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Photography Portfolio README

What is this?

This is a personal project of mine I took up while chatting with a friend about their photography. They needed a site done to showcase all of their work, so I took it on because I thought it would be great practice to have a client-based project where I can check in with them through all of the different stages.

I really wanted to sharpen up my Front-End skills without being dependent of any gems/plug ins, so I tried to do most of everything from scratch! I learned a TON during this project. The two gems I did use were for back-end features, and I only used those because I've actually written all of that same functionality on my own from scratch on a different project. I feel comfortable enough with my code that I thought it would be fine to use gems for those parts, since that wasn't my main focus for this project. I am so glad this opportunity opened up both for me and my friend and I'm very happy with the results!

Here's a list of all of the requested/specified features, all of which have been achieved or are close to being finished.

This was all written in Ruby/Rails(5.0.2) / HTML / CSS / JavaScript (jQuery)

  • Single-Page Flexbox Responsive Design
  • Horizontal scroll for images
  • Modal image pop up (when clicking on image)
  • Infinite Pagination (AJAX)
  • Smooth transition animation effects (JS/CSS)
    • Nav Bar changes colors after scrolling a specified amount
    • Images fade in when scrolled to the appropriate spot
    • Vertical scroll when clicking downwards arrow/Nav bar name
    • Fade surrounding area when hovering over downwards arrow
  • GIF/MP4 background on page load
  • Administrative back end (Devise && rails_admin)

What's next?

This project could definitely use some cleaning up. So, that comes next. Essentially all major functionality for the application is set, so unless my client asks for more features I think I'm ready to move forward with the finishing touches. However, I firmly believe there's always room for improvement so I'll actively be on the lookout!