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rails-online-shop README

This README file will document everything implemented in my Rails Online Shop application.


mock ups



User Stories

  • A user can register, sign in, and sign out. ✔️
    • User profile will contain Username, Email, Account Password, Order History, and a shopping cart. ✔️
  • A user will receive email confirmation upon signing up. ✔️
  • A user can see a list of available items. ✔️
  • A user can click on individual items to see more information. ✔️
  • A user can add items to shopping cart from item show page. ✔️
  • A user can only be given Admin status from another Admin.
  • Admin users can modify inventory through a special page available only to Admin users. ✔️
    • Admin users have the ability to Create new items, Read items, Update items, and Delete items. ✔️
  • A user can checkout items in shopping cart.
    • A successful checkout will update item quantity in stock.

MVP Iteration 1 ✔️

  • A user can manage products on site. ✔️
    • Ability to create, view, edit, and delete. ✔️
  • A user can see a basic styled site. ✔️
  • A user can see product placeholders. ✔️

MVP Iteration 2

  • Each stock item has a stock quantity and a price. ✔️
  • Prices should be displayed in legit format $99.95 ✔️
  • Have an admin view for inventory management located at /admin. ✔️
    • Username should be 'admin', and password should be 'secret'. ✔️
    • Have this protection so that only the admin user can modify inventory, and no one else. ✔️
  • UX for inventory should be tabular, very functional, and designed to help the merchant move through lots of data quickly.
  • UX for the shopper's view should be visual, maybe a grid of product images, should encourage spending time and slow browsing.
    • Edit/Delete/etc. links should not be visible to a regular user. ✔️
  • Have a responsive layout and make it mobile friendly.
  • Include flash error messages ✔️
  • Include flash success messages

MVP Iteration 3

  • User registration / login. ✔️
    • At least one admin user. ✔️
  • Products should have categories. ✔️
    • A product can have many categories. ✔️
    • A category can have many products. ✔️
    • On homepage include link that shows all categories. ✔️
      • When a specific category is clicked, show all items that fall under that category. ✔️
    • Product show page should show what categories it belongs to.
  • Have tests for all features up to this point
  • Have a session based authentication / authorization. ✔️
  • Build an ActionMailer adapter that will send a welcome email when the user signs up. ✔️

MVP Integration 4

  • Each product will have an 'Add to Cart' button. ✔️
    • This will load a view through AJAX that shows the shopping cart for that user
  • Users can remove items from the cart.
  • Users can change the quantity of items they want, as long as it doesn't exceed the current stock quantity.
  • Calculate total price of all items in shopping cart the moment cart is updated in any way.
  • A successful checkout will:
    • Reduce existing item stock quantity accordingly.
    • Send user email detailing purchase.
    • Redirect user to thank you page that indicates purchase details.
  • Items out of stock will be indicated as such on item page and have their 'Add to cart' button grayed out.
  • Maintain an "order history" page for each user, where you can see previous order (date of purchase & total spent)
  • Tests