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3D airway mesh modelling and projection onto 2D
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Mesh and Principal Component Silhouette Projection

This is the demo code for the following paper,

Benjamin Irving, Tania Douglas, Paul Taylor. 2D X-ray airway tree segmentation by 3D deformable model projection and registration

To be presented at the Fifth International Workshop on Pulmonary Image Analysis (

Note that only the mesh operations and not the optimisation method is included at the moment due to the challenge of finding 2D x-ray data that can be released. Please contact me if you would like the remainder of the code.


Python libraries:

  • time, copy, os
  • pickle
  • matplotlib
  • numpy
  • scipy
  • mayavi


The c++ component needs to first be compiled for your os and wrapped for python using swig. (Only tested on linux so far)

  • Requirements: swig

Using linux:

cd mesh3D_mod
swig -c++ -python -o sc_wrap.cpp sc.i
gcc -fPIC $(python-config --includes) -c sc_wrap.cpp sc.cpp
g++ -shared sc_wrap.o sc.o -o

sc.i - Settings that define the swig compilation sc.cpp -c++ class code. - Automatically created. Provides the link between the two languages.

This c++ object is now callable from the python 3D processing class.

##Running Examples Example 1 - Finding a mesh silhouette: python (this example is slow because silhouette detection is applied to a very large mesh)

Example 2 - Plotting example variation of the statistical shape model: python

Example 3 - Projecting the mean statistical shape model along with landmark points and centreline: python

Example 4 - Rigid alignment

Example 5 - Shape optimisation


##Example Outputs

Example 1:

alt text

Example 2 - Example variation 3 standard deviations along the 2nd mode of variation:

alt text alt text

Example 3:

alt text

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