Joomla Metaweblog API Plugin (original by Justo)
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Joomla Metaweblog Plugin


The original version of this plugin was written by Justo for the Google Highly Open Participation contest.

This version has been modified by Brainjuice to work with Blogo, its weblog editor for the Mac. It should also work with other third-party clients like Flock and Windows Live Writer.


In order to use a remote editor with Joomla, your blog must have the MetaWeblog plugin installed and Web Services enabled:

  1. Login to your blog as an administrator

  2. Go to the Site menu and choose "Global Configuration"

  3. Open subsection "System" and change "Enable Web Services" to "Yes"

  4. Click "Apply" at the top of the page

  5. Go to the Extensions menu and choose "Install/Uninstall"

  6. Download the following plugins and upload the ZIP files to Joomla under "Upload Package File":

  7. Go to the Extensions menu and choose "Plugin Manager"

  8. Enable the plugins ("System - Real Simple Discovery (RSD)" and "XMLRPC - metaWeblog API")

  9. Make sure that the media folder in your Joomla installation has write permissions

In the blog editor:

  • Create a new account
  • Type the url of your homepage and your user and password
  • If the auto configuration doesn't work: