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A Chrome extension to help you keep tabs on info you want to monitor. Great for a TV.
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Tab Carousel

A Chrome extension to help you keep tabs on info you want to monitor. It's great for cycling through tabs on an external display, like a TV.

Have an idea to make TabCarousel better? Find a bug? Having a problem? Please submit an issue.

Author: Benjamin Oakes, @benjaminoakes

Maintenance Status


Available on the Chrome Web Store

Installation is simple: visit the Chrome Web Store page and click "Install". Chrome will take it from there.


TabCarousel is simple: open tabs you want to monitor throughout the day, then click the toolbar icon. To stop, click the icon again.

By default, TabCarousel will flip through your tabs every 15 s, reloading them every 5 min. It's great on a unused display or TV. Put Chrome in full-screen mode (F11, or cmd-shift-f on the Mac) and let it go.

If you want to change how often TabCarousel flips through your tabs, right click on the toolbar icon and choose "Options".

Example Uses

On a HDTV that has a computer attached, open the NewRelic overview (and Background Tasks, etc.) for each app you'd like to monitor. Set NewRelic to kiosk mode for each page, then hit the "Tab Carousel" toolbar button.

The TabCarousel wiki has more.

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