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Based on jasmine.yml, write a jsTestDriver config file to the supplied path.


Please see


Usage: jasmine-jstd-conf path [--help]

  path        Path to write to.
  --help      Show this help text.

Based on jasmine.yml, write a JSTD config file to the supplied path.


  $ jasmine-jstd-conf jsTestDriver.conf
  $ cat jsTestDriver.conf
  server: http://localhost:9876

    - ../relative/path/to/jasmine.js
    - spec/javascripts/support/JasmineAdapter.js
    - spec/javascripts/helpers/jasmine-jquery-1.3.1.js
    - spec/javascripts/FooSpec.js
    - spec/javascripts/BarSpec.js
    - spec/javascripts/BazSpec.js
    - spec/javascripts/QuxSpec.js

Known Issues

There is a bug in Jasmine (not this project) if your YAML parser happens to be Psych. If you are affected by it, you will see an error message like:

lib/ruby/1.9.1/psych.rb:148:in `parse': couldn't parse YAML at line 56 column 5 (Psych::SyntaxError)

The issue is that Psych chokes on some YAML that other parsers do not. In this case, the problem is the asterisk:

  - **/*[sS]pec.js

As a workaround, quote the string values:

  - '**/*[sS]pec.js'


  • Run ./configure to set up your build environment

  • Run rake to run specs

  • Please make a pull request with your changes.

  • Please add specs for any new functionality.

See also:

rake --tasks
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