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Package for Ubuntu #3

benjaminoakes opened this Issue · 25 comments

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Want easier installation? Make your voice heard.

It might be worth making a .deb and adding this to the Ubuntu Software Center for easier installation. Right now, there are just manual installation instructions in the README.

Interested? Just leave a comment with a +1 so I know. :smile:


i would love to see ubuntu packages +1

cause at least for me apt is the way to update debian-based systems - i wasnt even used to ruby before ;)




Assuming you want this application to enter mainstream usage on Linux, there needs to be an Ubuntu package.


I've started on this, but have run into some problems reconciling gems with Debian packages. I've written up a question on StackOverflow: How do I package a Ruby application for Ubuntu, including its gem dependencies?

Please share a link to that question, if you'd like. :smile:




What is the status of this right now?


@jrgifford It's at a standstill for now. The benefits to having an Ubuntu package are pretty minimal at the moment, especially if it's just scripting installing the ruby1.9.1 dependency and then running gem install maid. I do like that a PPA would make software updates easier to distribute, though.

Right now, I'm spending the time I have to work on Maid fixing bugs and implementing new features. I may come back to the Ubuntu package, especially if enough users would find it useful. In the immediate-term, I can package up a "gem installer deb" and put it under the GitHub downloads -- I've gotten that working before.

I see you responded to my question on StackOverflow and have a related GitHub repo. Any help is appreciated, as always. There's a good chance you know more about this topic than I do. :smile:


@benjaminoakes: I hope my answer can be of some help. I'd be interested to see this on Linux, as I use Linux for a lot of my stuff. And this looks nice. An automated Download killer would be awesome!


@Linux-cpp-lisp Your answer is definitely helpful. Thanks for your help!

For what it's worth, Maid does officially support Ubuntu as of v0.1.3. I use it on my personal Ubuntu laptop. This issue is just about providing a package for Ruby newbies. :smile:


@benjaminoakes: Cool. I wonder if I could get it to work on Mint, considering that Mint is an Ubuntu derivative, and if there is any file manager integration, as long as it's done through GNOME APIs, not Nautilus ones, it should work. I'll try it when I have the time.

That's true. I think the main benefit of having a PPA and a .deb is the auto-updates, because gem doesn't do that. It can be a bit of a pain to have to do it separately.

Note: I'm one of those package-management-till-the-end people. Ever since I saw apt-get, I can't live without it!


Oh yeah. +1


@Linux-cpp-lisp Glad you like it. :smile:

Ubuntu-derived distributions like Mint should work, but I only really have the resources to support Ubuntu proper. Community support of other distros is welcome. If you'd like, you can document your experiences in the wiki.

I can understand what you say about apt-get and definitely want oblige at some point. I got a little burned out on Ubuntu packaging earlier. Right now, I'm more likely to implement other new features. :smile:

If you want to experiment with making a package that can be accepted into a PPA, that would be very helpful! Please let me know if you'd like to coordinate. (I still have a PPA -- it just doesn't have any packages yet.)


I've been using Ubuntu full time on my work and home desktop since 2005, so definitely a +1 from me.


+1 for maid package for ubuntu :)


having an ubuntu package is good for popularization of ruby, so :+1:
but if I downloaded ruby via rvm or some other ruby management script, it is of no use so :-1:
all in all it is a +0 :-)


@nurettin True, but you didn't take the auto updating of packages into consideration. Getting things updated automatically is a huge boon that RubyGems doesn't offer.


@Linux-cpp-lisp you can keep gems updated with bundle update


I agree with both points:

  • Auto updating would be nice. It's too hard to know when new versions of Maid are available right now. (If there's a pure Ruby solution, that might be good too.)
  • A package might not be the most useful for RVM users, etc... but for someone who is new to Ruby, it's a much easier way to get started.

However, neither are critical right now. Like I've said before, my current focus is on new features and bugfixes. Contributions are always appreciated, though. :smile:


Vagrant recently switched to native packages. It looks like @mitchellh is using fpm for packaging, which supports multiple platforms.


Thanks for sharing, @wjbuys. I remember trying fpm, but it wasn't doing quite what I was hoping for.

Like heroku, vagrant seems to be embedding Ruby, gems, and other dependencies in the package, and ignoring the system ruby. It's less pure than I would like, but that might be the way to go...


There's also the packaging system that Chef uses, Omnibus. Embeds everything similarly to Vagrant.

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