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An ATN-based parser for human languages, such as English.
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Odin Esper from Final Fantasy VI

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Odin is an ATN (Augmented Transition Network) based parser for natural languages with basic part of speech tagging and word-sense disambiguation. Currently, the only supported language is English, but other languages can be added.

Please also see Raiden, my simpler, easier-to-understand reimplementation of Odin.


ruby check_grammar.rb file_name

Output is saved to file_name.checked.html. There are some test files in "test/fixtures/".


This is based on a project I made for a Computational Linguistics course at the University of Iowa (taught by now-retired Professor Oden, hence the name) back in 2007. It's not the earliest "serious" Ruby code I've written, but it's pretty close.


I'm not actively developing Odin right now, but if you have a use for it and you'd like to be a maintainer, please let me know.

You can run unit and functional tests with rake test.


The design of the AugmentedTransitionNetwork class was inspired by Paul Graham's implementation in Lisp. For details on his implementation, please see the full text of his book On Lisp (pages 309 - 320).

Also, there's a diagram of the ATN being used in images/atn_diagram.pdf.


Please see the file.

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