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Is the VerticalResponse API making you dizzy?
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Is the VerticalResponse API making you dizzy?

Vertigo is a simple Ruby wrapper that makes working with the VerticalResponse SOAP API much more Ruby-like. It manages your session_id, as well as letting you write methods as launch_email_campaign rather than launchEmailCampaign, and use symbols as keys rather than strings.

Author: Benjamin Oakes <>, @benjaminoakes

(More info)


Simply add Vertigo to your Gemfile:

gem 'vertigo'

If you are unlucky enough not to be using Bundler:

gem install vertigo


Basic example:

require 'vertigo'

client ='username', 'password', :duration_minutes => 5)

# Launch a campaign whose ID you already know:
client.launch_email_campaign(:campaign_id => 123456)

For more info, please see Vertigo::Client.



Wow, you want to contribute? That's awesome! Thanks!

To set up your development environment, please run:


Among other things, that command makes sure you have run `git flow init` (which makes managing contributions easier). Please develop on the develop branch. When you have something you'd like to share, send a pull request to @benjaminoakes.

Notes on Gems


When writing documentation, this is handy:

bundle exec yard server --reload


  • Forrest Chang (@fkchang2000) for the name

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