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change readme: issues are moved to issue tracking system

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@@ -39,22 +39,11 @@ TODO
* PDFBox: Library Conflict with regain. (We need to include this in the plugin, but it is included in a maybe-loaded preparator as well.)
* That means that both should be updated at the same time!
-### Bugs:
-* Remove hardcoding: The thumbnail-Folder must be reachable at the server under /thumbs/ currently.
### Test:
* Java 1.7
* MIME: Cannot detect accurately text/plain. Tika (see branch) would perform better, but slower (38 sec vs. 6 sec)
-### Nice-to-have:
-* .tiff-Support (via ImageMagick?)
-* IFilterThumbnailer for Windows
-* JMF / ffmpeg for video thumbnailing
-* Run optipng on all pngs (via cron)
-* Better performance for PDFBox
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