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Welcome to the Lexiku wiki!

The initial semi-finished release of Lexiku has been committed and a binary .jar can be found in the downloads section. The code is semi-finished b/c it hasn’t been fully vetted and still requires some more advanced features (randomizing, increased variety, optimizations, etc).

To run the code, make sure you have Java 1.6 and download the .jar. From the command line enter:

java -jar Lexiku-1.0.0.jar

The dictionary file should contain one word per line in lower case (include all single letters if that is a “valid” word between blocked points).
The template file contains equal length lines of capital X’s and O’s. O’s denote open places where letters can go. X’s represent blocked places.

The program will output to standard out any and all valid boards it can build starting at the beginning of the alphabet for now. In the outputed version, blocked locations are denoted by a “-”.