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Ben authored
1 At CodeMash StoutSystems offered up a fast programming contest during the vendor sessions slot.
2 First team to upload a correct output file won. We won. :-)
4 This repository holds our winning solution (~7 minutes) hacked together in Ruby on Josh's MBP in TextMate
5 along with the given input file (input.txt) and a sample output file that we won with (output.txt).
7 All other solutions are other attempts done by myself or others to practice and compare approaches and languages.
9 Rules
10 * read file (header row + lines, tab delimited)
11 * output data to a new file in same format preserving the header row
12 * remove any non alpha characters from the last name column and reverse the text
13 * remove any lines where the last name column is blank
14 * sort in ascending order by last name column then by the magic number column (as a number, not a string)
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