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This simple project produces a CruiseControl publisher which will send basic build result update to a designated twitter account.
This plugin can be added to a CruiseControl configuration by doing the following:
1) execute 'mvn assembly:assembly' on the checked out source code
2) located the produced jar in the target directory that has dependencies included
3) copy the jar to your CruiseContro lib folder
4) modify your config.xml to have the following:
<plugin name="tweetpublisher" classname="com.yardspoon.tweetpublisher.TweetPublisher"/>
<project name="connectfour">
<tweetpublisher username="twitter_username" password="twitter_password" />
5) restart CruiseControl and wait for a project to be rebuilt.
Currently, the publisher will only report the status of a finished build (e.g. "projectName BUILD FAILED!").
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