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How to use JSLink to layout ListFormWebPart forms in Standard mode.
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Inspired by


To 'install', save jslink_layout.js and form.html somewhere in your site.

I create a folder structure in SiteAssets like so:

Path Contains
/SiteAssets/lib This is where generic JS/CSS/HTML goes (e.g. jQuery, SPServices, generic SharePoint libraries).
/SiteAssets/lib<App> This is where JS/CSS/HTML specific to a given project/app goes.
/SiteAssets/Lists/<ListName> This is where JS/CSS/HTML specific to a given List goes.

Doing this means you can use dynamic references elsewhere in your code, instead of hardcoding paths.


In the JS Link property of your ListFormWebParts, add a link to jslink_layout.js using a ~site or ~sitecollection token, i.e. using my folder structure, it would be ~site/SiteAssets/lib/jslink_layout.js.

YOU CAN'T USE ../../ style relative paths with JSLink paths, they don't seem to work. Use tokens, root relative, or absolute paths. Tokens are best because they're dynamic, so essentially relative.

Add Content Editor Web Parts to your *Form.aspx pages. In the Content Link property, add a link to your form.html template, i.e. using my folder structure, the link would be ../../SiteAssets/Lists/<ListName>/form.html.

CONTENT EDITOR WEB PARTS DON'T LIKE TOKENS, so use a relative or absolute path. (Yay, SharePoint.)

Haven't yet tested with ctx.Templates.

Note: Debugging jslink js a b*%^h. Good luck.

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