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The "Classify POIs from the Enron Scandal" Machine Learning Project

Hello there. This is my Data Analyst Nanodegree Machine Learning Project. Did you want to check out my Project report straight away? It's here, in this HTML file.

The files here were forked from ud120-projects, the starter code of the Udacity's class UD-120 "Introduction to Machine Learning". As I completed the class, I added code and in the end, my final project:

  • folder "final_project" contains the final project code - check out the file there to get an overview
  • the "Data_Analyst_*.html" and "Data_Analyst_*.Rmd" contain the final project report
  • folders "00_*" through "13_*" contain code of the lesson mini-quizzes
  • folders without names contain the problem sets

by Benjamin Söllner -´


Project 5 "Identify Fraud from Enron Email Using Machine Learning" of Udacity's "Data Analyst" Nanodegree



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