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My Dev Env

OS -- Win 10
Terminal -- Cmder
Chocolatey -- The package manager for Windows

IDE - VSCode - Plugins

Babel ES6/ES7 - Syntax coloring.
Bookmarks - jump to saved lines of code.
Bracket Pair Colorizer - quickly see what the scope of your brackets is.
Code Spell Checker - Help with my poor spelling.
Colorize - Shows preview of CSS colors used.
DotENV - Syntax coloring for .env files.
Import Cost - Notifies you how large an import/require package size is.
Markdownlint - Linting for markdown.
NPM - NPM syntax highlighting.
NPM Intellisense - Quick completing of NPM syntax.
PHP Intellisense - Quick completing of PHP syntax.
Prettier - Auto-code formatter.
VS Live Share - Share you IDE with other developers and pair program in real-time.

IDE - VSCode - Theme

Hopscotch (Official)

My Shorthand Explained

^^ something to look up -- typically next day.
/ to donote or -- looks cleaner than || - in my opinion.
==> topic / task has been pushed from the previous day.
👀 search queries.
... alternative for searching / to denote time has passed.
| simple Googleable / familiar concepts for brevity -- added at the end of a line.
🤔 a consideration / thought. Still not a solid pattern -- subject to change.