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Take your source code and convert them into a beautifully formatted PDF. Features include PDF bookmarks and a bunch of textmate themes to choose from.
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Code Rippa!

Build Status


CodeRippa takes your source code and turns it into a beautiful PDF file. Currently, it supports 150 languages and 84 themes, all of which are available in TextMate.


You will definitely need a TeX distribution installed. To check, simply type pdflatex. In case your system doesn't have pdflatex, you should install a LaTeX distribution.


$ gem install code_rippa


Command line options

Usage: code_rippa [options] file_or_directory
    -l, --list-themes                List all available themes
    -t, --theme THEME                Selected theme
    -n, --list-syntax                List all available syntax
    -h, --help                       Display this screen

List all available themes (84 and counting!)

Many of the themes found in CodeRippa can be found here

$ code_rippa -l

... more themes omitted

Producing PDF from a single file


Without theme specified (defaults to: made_of_code):

$ code_rippa path_to_single_file.rb

With theme specified:

$ code_rippa -t zenburnesque path_to_single_file.rb

Note that the output file is saved as out.pdf in the current directory where code_rippa was called from.

Producing PDF from a directory


Without theme specified (defaults to: made_of_code):

$ code_rippa path_to_directory

With theme specified:

$ code_rippa -t rubyblue path_to_directory

Note that the output file is saved as out.pdf in the current directory where code_rippa was called from.


None of this would be possible without the awesome ultraviolet spox-ultraviolet and language_sniffer gems. Props to lwheng for providing most of the LaTeX help.


Currently this gem is in its infancy. Any bug reports and feature requests are very welcomed.



  • Compile pdf by default.
  • Choose a more sane theme (Code) by default.
  • Include LICENCE.

0.0.8 - 0.0.9

  • Syntax files are finally compatible for psych
  • Abandoned syck completely for psych
  • Ruby 2.x compatibility! \o/
  • Thanks @jasonyeo for the initial push towards Ruby 2.x compatibility.


  • Using language_sniffer in place of Linguist for automated source code language detection
  • Themes! Glorious themes! 84 themes to choose from! Props to filmgirl, and the rest of the wonderful TM users who submitted their themes.
  • Wrap lines of troublesome files such as minified javascript and parser generator outputs.
  • Sensible defaults, removed the need for specifying the syntax
  • Detects if pdflatex is installed, and automatically runs pdflatex if so
  • Proper cleanup after LaTeX successfully completes


  • Include MiniTest specs


  • Better performance when parsing.
  • Code documentation.


  • Removed dependency on Linguist.
  • Tidier code.

0.0.1 - 0.0.3

  • Initial gem push
  • Fixed many stupid bugs along the way
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