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MGCVM is a collection of modules for making custom performance interfaces for monome 256 grids in Max. It takes advantage of monome’s decoupled design to link performance actions to a variety of visual animations.

set up (macOS):

To make MGCVM accessible in Max 7’s contextual menu:

  • Put folder ‘MGCVM’ in Users//Documents/Max 7/Library

  • Create a folder named ‘MGCVM’ in Users//Documents/Max 7/Packages and move the folder ‘clippings’ to this location


  1. open a new patcher in Max
  2. right click in the patcher and navigate to “paste from”. If you installed the “MGCVM” and “clippings” folders correctly you should find “MGCVM” in this menu
  3. under MGCVM, choose “base > MGCVM Base”. This is the central hub when working with MGCVM.
  4. now you can create control and/or visualisation modules by repeating step 1 and 2, now entering the “control” or “visualize” submenu.

Get information on how to connect the C and V modules to the Base by hovering the cursor over the inlets and outlets.

Example: create a “momentary” control module and a “blip” visualisation module; connect the left outlet of “momentary” to the “/level/set” inlet of the Base; connect the right outlet to the inlet of the “blip” module: connect the outlet of the “blip” module to the “/level/set” inlet of the Base; make sure x and y values for the “momentary” module are both 0; press refresh in the top right corner of the Base module to activate the “momentary” and the “blip” modules; you should now see the top left button light up. pushing it down makes another button light up temporarily.



  • connect grid to serialosc
  • settings for MIDI channel and MIDI output device
  • !important! hit “refresh” in the top right corner whenever you have added and connected a new module.


x, y: button coordinates s: speed m: mode ccn: control change number cc: control change (monitor) an: animation b: base v: velocity


x, y: button coordinates t: trigger s: speed b: brightness q: quadrant l: location dir: direction rt: reverb time lo: loop d: drunk level sens: sensibility


Max: m4l udp M4L: MGCVMTransport.amxd, MGCVMTrigger.amxd; MGCVMSendAudio.amxd, MGCVMmidi.amxd

the “m4l udp” bpatcher can connect with several MGCVM M4L devices. It serves as a bridge between both environments. with the help of the M4L devices and the “m4l udp” bpatcher one could for instance visualize track volume on the grid or have MIDI notes trigger visual events on the grid.

saving presets:

apart from saving your patch you can save the presets made in the modules. copy/paste this in the top level of your MGCVM patch:

----------begin_max5_patcher---------- 1061.3ocwWEraiaCD8r8WgfN60fjhTTrmZ6dHmxoBzhhfEFxVLY4VYQCJp3j tX+26PRIE43Xuxq0l5CFhiH47duY3LTec9r305mj0wQ+RzcQyl804yl4M4LL qc7r3s4OsoLu1Os3sx557GjwKBuyJex5si6rTaetT5M0YopYqtwVJs9c.2Zc WtcymUUOrxH2XCHPjwVxVDQXoKQKhXH2+DxRTzmZWipvuw50e4CoYcaeXusO uSF1k3394CdVU04Xhy12lO282hQx1J4dvYGQVC3SYjQlWLVVS99rFyc7MkcV VyOMqW7dvbaz5IHPiQIYNNiwId1ROGmIrSx404UObBNimNNWHuWZJ06mDhK7 AaL0S7Ph9IIN8RSw+QH8oNPWa0FYDdJi1ARS4GQ560U1Z0+52eL7h2PKPiPK baSU91.L+MiJuLdpNNbJUZuQYkSnFwxbhSx4yKvuGk9NEiujpde+Z8s78rE8 Hj2+R8Ola5yjt8lO9m2djN.bxZbGR.QJxOknesN+Q4VcwzbroUgvYdIhfNuF kdw0J5PHf4hUvd.NdkiSp0Pys5VkpUplEuoTIqrCfGENIScgtL.ibRmSbTw. JmUZVIqxWGXOp6ksB1f8gkk.c8DKbGAf8CK3QexOYe7qKJ5293RU0qushW3b 1OLzVqaLa5Tft6KD8hzUHqsppbqRWMXRNUbvj1pJ1oUU1VWJDgPfvewDAO83 QXtu3V6L8iBr4njwQia9HvcG4tJO4NlMZE557D5piEXDMKHwotCI8BNL5ZAG aLfCMEx.85kALpm3nCjgqFboiIuiOEx.dLxvgQEsoPZN8MdlVWSeaWiNp7T9 tcOJM0sK26UnGyWz9oyW3GppBCS7CMxGUcym5sjaf9.Vn5XiIz23ozv0.icM VLUMpVZC7cda+kWUR7kq.0Tnz+gM21Tu5VYUSnEg69r4Mk1C0l0ObuprbitL .ugk965kDGdaWo794dWDZIQPwXnS.ZYBNgSR8OAOvbcvdo2feM3tEQYTAh3l JMkvoL+SYjDVh6IzqVF4EegvhfGPhLDM7DXBC9Z3xfuNHz9gvQK6aAsyn2oM cAYXoh942X0OXxKbc55iv88gVzlZYf29515waAAU0slgoh8Ai+otTAAv+5y8 WX7sCDCjUr+v7v+5NpckXIbWmeurQ9A74vR9lMfCNHPm.EWnbmjm1G8DNS3e B.zn2WcwH7Ebwf7Opvmd7SBge747KGfHhfQ84ubdRBwKlYDL7wvSO.uwHk+. HzqdItetmvoYoNXN0f6ukkvmUedzM7SCuy+wgLABk0WN9MPeFgg8hJOCmg8k RXfhylTBzrcszbitr3hEWWpHxG9YBBl4QJdX4qIAflP4FGBGY0F3jCMMMQzl Nx4gDSP3DIGTXE5U7+.g1Onv431Dvwea9+0EgylE -----------end_max5_patcher-----------

hit “write” to save preset; hit “read” to recall preset; refresh MGCVM after recalling a preset!

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (BY-NC-SA)

MGCVM - 2016 - Benjamin Van Esser


MGCVM is a collection of modules for making custom performance interfaces for monome 256 grids in Max



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