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Upshot Suite is a Max package (comprised of audio effects, event generators, trackers, sequencers, instruments and many other tools and utilities) which provides a flexible environment for building generative and live performance patches.
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upshot suite

Upshot Suite is a Max package comprised of audio effects, event generators, trackers, instruments and many other tools/utilities. Upshot Suite was originally created to open up the Ultomaton platform ( and create a more flexible environment for building generative patches.


---> move the ‘UpShot Suite’ folder to Documents/Max8/Packages


  • audio effects

us.autotune us.bitcrusher us.compressor us.delay us.dynamicstutter us.easyverb us.echo us.endlessreverb us.filter us.freeze us.gate us.glitch us.glitchchorus us.granulator us.limiter us.looper us.phaser us.pingpong us.pitchshifter us.reverb us.reversedelay us.reversestretch us.ringmodulator us.stutter

  • generators

us.autocontrol us.cues us.envelope us.gameoflife us.nodes us.repeat us.wavelope

  • instruments

us.monosynth us.peacefulpiano us.polysynth us.sampler us.slicer

  • midi

us.chords us.launchpadcontrol us.many2one us.mapping us.midi-in us.midi-out us.midifileplayer us.midifootswitch us.quantizer us.scalequantizer us.transport

  • misc

us.1bitprobability us.7bitprobability us.alpha us.audiofileplayer us.metronome us.musicaltyping us.noise us.rain us.record us.speakertest us.texttospeech (MacOS only) us.udp

  • routing

us.4chanpanner us.8chanmonomixer us.8chanpanner us.8chanstereomixer us.16chanpanner us.input us.output us.record us.stereopanner

  • sequencers

us.beams us.collatz us.divisions us.easyarp us.patterns us.stepsequencer

  • snippets


  • tracking

us.amplitudefollower us.attackdetection us.blobtracking (requires cv.jit package) us.colortracking us.draw us.imagetomidi us.pitchdetection us.trackpadxy


hovering the cursor over the title of the modules reveals more information. use us.preset.maxsnip to save and recall presets.

Happy patching!

---Benjamin Van Esser 20200402---

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