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Story Description

Once submissions have been assigned to TAs and TAs started marking submission using particular rubrics for that submission, those rubrics should not be allowed to be changed by the instructor. Maybe OLM should warn the instructor that submissions have been already marked using old rubrics.


  • Assign a submission to a TA and mark it. Then try to change rubrics for this

submission as an instructor.



I can see this being a problem if, during the marking of the assignments, a trend appears that results in the need to change the rubric.

For example, say there is an assignment, where part of that assignment is to include a README.txt of the code that is handed in. Say the rubric is set up so that the README.txt is worth 25% of the final grade for this assignment.

What if, during marking, the TAs and instructors realize that they had failed to mention the README.txt in the handout. Hey - instructors are human too, and make mistakes.

Possible solution: while rubric criteria can't be added or removed, their weights can be adjusted. So, that README.TXT criterion could have its weight set to 0, making it worth nothing. We could even tell OLM to hide any rubric criteria with weights set to 0...

Anyhow, just an idea.

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