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MarkUs' Issue Labels: What They Mean

Unfortunately, the ordering of issues (which should represent priorities on Github) doesn't quite work. That's why a new set of labels has been added to suit our needs. Their meaning is as follows:

  • RFE: Request for enhancement (Feature Request)
  • Bug: Self explanatory
  • ✘'s (red) are for bug prioritization (there are 6 ✘'s, 3 ✘'s and 1 ✘; the higher the number of ✘'s the higher the priority)
  • Checkmarks (green; ✔) are for RFE prioritization. Scheme is similar to bug prioritization. The more checkmarks the higher the desire to get this implemented.
  • ECN: École Centrale de Nantes. Can be used to filter for ECN specific things.
  • UW: University of Waterloo. Can be used to mark UW specific things.
  • UT: University of Toronto. Same thing.
  • REJECTED: Rejected issues.
  • EASY FIX: Ideal for beginners. Should be tricky to fix it!
  • Rails3: Particular things remaining to complete the Rails3 migration.
  • Documentation: Request for documentation
  • Chrome: Issues that only occur when using Chrome.
  • Not Triaged: New bugs created by MarkUs users from the bug reporter modal.

Labels colors on GitHub.

Moreover, we now use milestones to see which bugs need to be corrected as soon as possible. See Milestones.