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spring making help.FCStd


These are various parametric FreeCAD and OpenSCAD files of 3d-printable organ parts. I keep making youtube videos as explanation, feel free to post a GitHub-issue if you want something explained (so I know how it prioritize things).

One can wrap steel string around ’spring making help’ to make ones own compression springs for instance for valves. Youtube link

Measuring air pressure in mmH2O.

Exploring the Nachtigall/Vogelschrey stop ‘Nachtigall2’ is less annoyingly synchronous when playing more than one pipe at once.

‘mini-voicing_chest.scad’ is explained there.

‘one pressure sensor’ just reads input from one force sensor on an Arduino.

‘Wind/Balganlage' is the bellow, works pretty much like in a barrel organ. It will be connected to the wind chest with a round flex tube (like for air conditioning).

‘old-misc/Several in one' connects the flex tube to the wind chest and has the connection to the air pressure measure and cone opening that is to be used as a pressure relieve valve (with a small steel sphere).