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StatsD Dashboard

StatsD is a simple network daemon for keeping track of events emitted from your application. It is typically integrated with Graphite, allowing you to capture application events and visualise trends in those events over time.

Though StatsD and Graphite are a powerful combination of tools, I built this project because I wanted a very lightweight dashboard that I could attach directly to the StatsD server to get a view of what was happening within the application at a given point in time.

An early image of the dashboard is shown below:

Dashboard Screenshot

The dashboard is by default served as a lightweight HTML page. On start it connects via a web socket to a StatsD back end, and listens for events. Each time the metrics are flushed to the StatsD backend, the same object is pushed directly to the web page over a web socket where it is rendered into tables and charts without any page reload.

Technologies Used

Node.js, Express, Socket.IO


  • git clone
  • Configure StatsD to use the provided back-end { flushInterval: 1000, backends: [ "../statsd-dashboard/server/socketio.js" ] }
  • Start StatsD and ensure it is publishing data correctly
  • Run the StatsD dashboard client cd client node app.js
  • Navigate to http://localhost:3001 and you should see data flowing into the dashboard at each StatsD flush interval.