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Tiger Dining Skill for Amazon Alexa

An unofficial way to find out what's on the menu at Clemson's dining halls.

To get the skill, just ask Alexa!


Alternatively, you can enable the skill from the Amazon website.

Click the button below to view Tiger Dining at

Just Ask Amazon Alexa Logo



This project won Best Software Hack at the CUHackIt Hello World 2018 hackathon!
See this project on DevPost

What it does

You can ask Alexa about the overall menu for a campus dining location or for just a single station at a specific location.

utterance_core_menu utterance_core_station_pasta utterance_schilletter_menu utterance_schilletter_station_grill


  • Get the whole menu
    • Alexa, ask Tiger Dining what does {dining location} have on the menu today.
    • Alexa, ask Tiger Dining what {dining location} is serving today
  • Get the menu for a specific station
    • Alexa, ask Tiger Dining what the {station} at {dining location} is serving today.
    • Alexa, ask Tiger Dining what does the {station} at {dining location} have today
    • Alexa, ask Tiger Dining what's at the {station} at {dining location}
    • Alexa, ask Tiger Dining what's on the {station} at {dining location}
Dining Locations

The skills supports both of Clemson's dining halls, Core and Schilletter.
The Douthit Hills Hub is not supported at this time.

Stations at Core: Stations at Schilletter:
———————————— ————————————
Deli Fresh Focus
Dessert Deli
Entree Station Grill
Grill Pizza
Lite-sy Corner Salad Bar
Mongolian Grill Dessert
Pasta Mongolian
Pizza Saute
Salad Soup
Soup Taste of Home