Make twitter bots with speed and ease with a CGI like interface.
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Make twitter bots with speed and ease with a CGI like interface.


The configuration files are as follows:

  "Username": "Fillmein",
  "ConsumerKey": "Fillmein",
  "ConsumerSecret": "Fillmein",
  "AccessToken": "Fillmein",
  "AccessSecret": "Fillmein",
  "StreamTarget": "default",
  "EnableReply": true,
  "EnableMention": false,
  "EnableReplyMention": false

Username is used in checking if the target account was @'td

ConsumerKey ConsumerSecret AccessToken AccessSecret are twitter API details. You must fill these in for the application to work.

EnableReply Enables the CGI script ./cgi/reply to be exectuted when the account is @'td

EnableMention Enables the CGI script ./cgi/mention to be exectuted when anything appeares in the stream

StreamTarget Is what the target stream search is, by default the value is "default" meaning that it will look for "@username".

##Getting started

When you run the system for the first time. A config file and CGI folder will be made.

Depending on what you have enabled in the config settings, by default EnableReply is enabled.

This means if your account is named @testbot if anyone tweets @testbot hello world the ./cgi/reply script will be exectuted.

This can be a shell script or what ever you want.

the infomation of the tweet can be found in the env vars of the script.

If you where to do "export" while in the CGI script you will see somthing like this

declare -x OLDPWD
declare -x PWD="/tmp/twitterd"
declare -x SHLVL="1"
declare -x tweet_id="424612189752659969"
declare -x tweet_src="benjojo"
declare -x tweet_src_nomention="hello world"
declare -x tweet_text="@testbot hello world"

For this example we will reply back with the tweetID.

We can do this by putting the following in the script:

echo -n "Served by twitterd: "
echo -n $tweet_id

Note how we didnt need to put @username in there. Twitterd already handles that for you.

And there we go, You now have a simple twitter bot running.