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Updated CountryInstance, removed building instance

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1 parent b582aeb commit 284c80f1e0b349a8cf81f662a53490fb5ef99db0 Ben Ross committed Apr 20, 2012
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@@ -40,19 +40,26 @@ def enter_country(country_id):
class CountryInstance:
''' Contains state info for a country relating to the current game.
- Keeps track of buildings, questions at buildingo, fact sheets, etc.'''
+ Keeps track of buildings, questions at building, fact sheets, etc.'''
def __init__(self,name,tags,facts,questions):
+ self.buildings
+ self.facts = facts
+ = name
for i in range (len(tags)) :
- makeBuildings(tags[i], questions[i])
+ builings[i] = (tags[i], questions[i])
return None
+ def fact_sheet(fact_array):
+ return None # skeleton code
- '''def makeBuildings(tag):
- new BuildingInstance'''
+ '''def makeBuildings(tag, question):
+ new BuildingInstance(tag, Question)'''
-class BuildingInstance:
+'''class BuildingInstance:
'''Contains info for a building. This will be intiallized when the buildings database and questions databases get queried. An array of buildings will be held in a CountryInstance.
The type is the style of building i.e. cathedral, library etc. Type is also expected to hold the character in the builidng. The Question holds the question-answer pair.'''
def __init__(self, type, Question):
- return None
+''' return None

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