Meta Watch Manager Android SDK project for watch wrangling, remote protocol handling and notification routing for the Meta Watch wearable development systems. Includes an Intents based API for quick experiments.
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MetaWatch Community Edition

This is the source of the customised, community built Android manager app for MetaWatch (previously known as “benjymous’ fork” or “MetaWatchManager ‘rm’”.)

It was originally based on the official MetaWatch manager (see README.orig)

For more details about the many new features, see:

Disclaimer: This is development code; it may contain bugs, cause your phone / watch to reset, or any other of a host of unpleasant things. You use it AT YOUR OWN RISK, and I offer NO WARRANTY for anything it may do to you, your phone, your watch, or anything else.

Latest binary download can be found on the “downloads” page on my github:

and on the Google Play Store: