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(ns keras-to-cortex.converter
(:require [think.cortex.keras.core :as keras]
[taoensso.nippy :as nippy]
[clojure.core.matrix :as m])
(:import [ DataInputStream DataOutputStream])
(:use clojure.repl))
;; dev example
(require 'keras-to-cortex.converter)
(in-ns 'keras-to-cortex.converter)
(def converted-model-uri "resources/simple.cnn")
(def model
(keras/load-sidecar-and-verify "python/simple.json"
;; save model
(with-open [w ( converted-model-uri)]
(nippy/freeze-to-out! (DataOutputStream. w) model))
;; load model (sanity test)
(def restored-model
(with-open [r ( converted-model-uri)]
(nippy/thaw-from-in! (DataInputStream. r))))
;; quick sanity check that weights on last layer are equal.
(let [spot-check (comp :weights last butlast)]
(m/e== (spot-check model) (spot-check restored-model)))
;; should return `true`
;; full check on weights
(let [full-check #(remove nil? (map :weights %))]
(map m/e== (full-check model) (full-check restored-model)))
;; should return list with only `true`