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(ns keras-to-cortex.inference
(:require [taoensso.nippy :as nippy]
[think.compute.nn.train :as train]
[think.compute.nn.description :as desc]
[think.compute.nn.cpu-backend :as backend]
[mikera.image.core :as img]
[think.image.patch :as patch]
[cortex.dataset :as ds]
[think.compute.nn.train :as train])
(:import [ DataInputStream DataOutputStream]))
(def image-shape
(apply ds/create-image-shape [3 32 32]))
(def nn-model
(with-open [r ( "resources/simple.cnn")]
(nippy/thaw-from-in! (DataInputStream. r)))
(defn infer
"Takes in input img, does munging necessary to get inference from nn-model, returns
label/prediction probabilities as represented in softmax layer produced by inference."
(let [model @nn-model
resized (img/resize buf-img (:width image-shape) (:height image-shape))
rgb-vec (patch/image->patch resized) ;; double is default
img-ds (ds/create-in-memory-dataset {:data {:data [rgb-vec]
:shape image-shape}}
[0])] ;; only one index, 0 (list of indexes in ds)
(ffirst (train/run model img-ds [:data]))))
(defn read-image
"Read image at img-path into buffered image."
(let [img-file ( img-path)]
(img/load-image img-file)))
;; read in a couple of example images
(def zazzy (read-image "resources/zazzy-cifar10.png"))
(def car (read-image "resources/car-cifar10.png"))
;; run inference on them
(infer zazzy)
(infer car)
;; time cpu inference (for these small images w/simple model,
;; I see ~10 msec per inference.
(time (infer zazzy))